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After working in the software industry for a number of years, we have come together to form an organization that will be different from most others. From the beginning, besides us who formed Conspek Engineering Solutions we acknowledge three other entities as our partners to whom we owe more than mere gratitude. Client & Customers- Those are backbone of our success and relations, Secondly those who write the open source software we use and our colleagues – the employees, and from the beginning we pledge to contribute a portion of our profits for their welfare.

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Conspek Engineering Solutions
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25+ Years experience
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Civil,Mechanical,Electrical,Instrumentation and Software projects

Technology beyond the reach

Conspek Engineering Solutions is designed to produce scientifically advanced technology solutions and products.

At Conspek Engineering Solutions, we know that it is our team that is our sustained competitive advantage in the fast changing IT products and services market.

With our diverse work experience, our team has the ability to critically analyze any problem by looking at it from different perspectives. And we can bring all the threads together to form a coherent and comprehensive solution for our clients and it has its genesis in its passion to create software that helps improve the life of anyone who uses it. We undertake to increase productivity of anyone who uses our software with highest quality and latest technology.

Along with we provide,

  • Cost-effective I.T. Services
  • Value added Professional Services
  • Innovative Business Solutions
  • IT Services & Outsourcing Services to Large & Medium scale IT Enterprises across global

Customer Service

Conspek Engineering Solutions offers the Enterprise Application services portfolio along with comprehensive Process Solutions, with strong capabilities in world-leading applications. From small and midsize businesses to large global enterprises, Conspek Engineering Solutions can provide you with a tailored service plan.

Gaining a competitive advantage in today's economy is all about speed and flexibility. Companies of varying size and complexity need to adapt swiftly to evolving global business trends and opportunities. Success requires an ecosystem approach that puts customers at the center and leverages the expertise and experience of a network of partners and people - all supporting a common business goal.

To drive business process excellence for increased productivity and profitability, companies need to leverage a broad spectrum of expertise, capabilities, and information, which can be quickly developed and deployed across business processes. This approach promotes a new level of collaboration for creation and delivery of end-to-end solutions.

Issue specific Troubleshooting, we at Conspek Engineering Solutions dedicates our time and effort to provide extended support to our valuable customers 24/7.


We strive to bridge the technology gap by rendering our expertise and knowledge to increase profitability for our clients. We intend to be the sough after company for technology solutions.


To be a leading force in applied software technology to nourish innovation and learning in our workplaces



Team Work



Collective Social Responsibility

Global Reach

Conspek Engineering Solutions has a dedicated team which focuses on various technology innovations and technology up gradation. We have consulting and advising staff’s from Google, Samsung, Accenture, Congnizant, Infosys and many more big IT firms.


Conspek Engineering Solutions, technology experts are available to tackle your software issues and provide efficient solutions to enhance your business operations 24/7.

Meet our teams

Krishna Shasthri (IT Head)

Over a career spanning 9 years in Information technology, Krishna has been a Strategic, multidisciplinary designer & Team Lead with an eye for innovation and pixel perfection. He began his career in Tata consultancy Services and later worked in Tesco, Indosakura and Galaxy Solutions. That also involved working from client location in Japan.

He brings in a combination of technical, managerial, analytic and strategic skills for project execution and operations. His work as a Software engineer has primarily been in new cutting edge software technologies like Hadoop, Big data and Cloud computing along with Java, Mainframe, PHP. His work entailed extensive work in Global Supply chain domain, Healthcare, Banking, etc. Apart from these, his expertise has been in a variety of areas encompassing technologies like Desktop & Mobile Apps, Analytics and Application hosting, Infrastructure management and Open Source solutions as well.

He wishes to combine his knowledge and experience in these areas with deep-rooted professionalism and unwavering commitment to deliver high quality solutions. Customer satisfaction will be the hallmark by which he intends to measure the performance.

Sharath S Bhat (Technical advisor)

Sharath is a Software professional with a combined experience of 9 years. He has been a CRM professional working with Oracle's Siebel Customer Order Management solutions. He has played a key role in simplifying the complex and often frustrating process of tracking thousands of Orders and products across multiple catalogs and systems. He has worked in Silicon valley with an internet infrastructure company on their product cycle integration. He also has worked with a Telecom giant from South America on a custom Order management solution based on Siebel workflows. He worked as a team lead in Accenture and has extensive experience in Accenture’s delivery methods and estimation techniques.

He is currently working in Singapore on a custom Asset management and Order management project. His expertise includes Siebel configuration, Workflows, Web Services, CRM Integration, Java Script and Visual Basics.